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August 15, 2012- Florida Championship Wrestling has changed its name to WWE NXT.

August 11, 2012- Sofia Cortez (Ivelisse Vélez) has been released from her FCW developmental contract.

August 10, 2012- Abraham Washington (Brian Jossie) has been released from his FCW/WWE contract.

June 29, 2012- Maxine (Karlee Perez) has been granted her release from her WWE contract.

June 12, 2012- Sonny Elliott (Daniel Bolton), Jiro (Taishi Takizawa), & Benicio Salazar have all been released from their FCW/WWE developmental contracts.  Eli Cottonwood (Kip Christianson) has been granted his release from his contract.

June 7, 2012- FCW taped the last ever TV tapings for the Brighthouse Sports Network.

May 1, 2012- Changes to the FCW taping schedule have been made for the reminder of the year.  Visit the Upcoming Events page for more details.

April 23, 2012- FCW/WWE has released Kevin Hackman (Andy Levine) from his developmental contract.

March 19, 2012- An erroneous rumor was made that FCW was closing.  This is not the case.  Triple H issued a press statement saying the future of WWE Developmental would be made after Wrestlemania 28 and that WWE Developmental would be bigger and better.

March 16, 2012- Corey Graves and Jake Carter won the FCW Tag Team titles from Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo.

February 23, 2012- Leo Kruger won back the FCW Heavyweight Championship from Mike Dalton and lost it to Seth Rollins at the FCW Arena.

February 3, 2012- Calvin Raines (Patrick Brinks) asked for his release.  Peter Orlov (Alex Sherman), Leroy Parks, and Marcus Owens were released from their contracts.

February 2, 2012- Briley Pierce became injured and was forced to vacate the FCW Tag Team Championship along with his partner Brad Maddox.  Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo won them against Brad Maddox and Eli Cottonwood.

September 1, 2011- Bo Rotundo suffered an injury and had to vacate the FCW Heavyweight Championship.  Leo Kruger was crowned the new FCW Heavyweight Champion and Audrey Marie became the new FCW Divas Champion.

August 31, 2011- Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released their Top 500 list for 2011.  The FCW roster spots is listed here.  The list includes former FCW superstars.

August 15, 2011- Brett DiBiase was granted his release from his FCW developmental contract.

August 8, 2011- WWE/FCW has released former FCW superstars David Hart Smith (Harry Smith) and Vladmir Kozlov and current superstars, Lucky Cannon (Jon Emminger), Bobby Dutch (Bill Carr), DeSean Bishop, Jason Mullen, and Sonia.

July 6, 2011- WWE/FCW has released Russell Walker (Reuben de Jong) and Monty Lynch (Oliver Boney).

June 10, 2011- WWE/FCW has released Michael Tarver (Tyrone Evans), Buck Dixon (Shane Canterbury), Wes Brisco, Jacob Novak, Ethan Levin, & Buddy Stretcher.

April 21, 2011- Jackson Andrews (Steve Slocum) has been released.

March 15, 2011- Kenny Li (Li Fang) was granted his release from his FCW/WWE contract.

December 23, 2010- Kaval (Brandon Silvestry) was released from his WWE contract.

November 20, 2010- WWE/FCW has released Caylen Croft, Vance Archer (Lance Hoyt), Shad Gaspard, and former FCW referee Aaron "Goose" Mahoney.

November 19, 2010- Rosa Mendes defeated AJ to become the new Queen of FCW.

November 15, 2010- WWE/FCW has released Dr. Cable Jones (Donald Moore), Devin Allen (Ronald Hicks), Fahd Rakman (Fady Madani), Ron Myers (Ron Price), Rhys Ali (Reon Mahima), Conrad Tanner (Kyle Rasmussen) and referee Daniel Skyler.

November 4, 2010- Wes Brisco & Xavier Woods became the new FCW Tag Team Champions.

October 12, 2010- Leo Kruger is out injured and will require surgery.  He is expected to be out for the next four months.

October 12, 2010- WWE/FCW has released Jamie Keyes (Brittany Beede) and Rudy Parker (Adam Atherton).

October 1, 2010- Brett DiBiase recently had surgery on his neck.  He is expected to return late this year.

September 27, 2010-WWE/FCW has released Drake Brewer (Joe Doering) from his WWE developmental contract.

August 28, 2010- WWE has released Serena (Serena Deeb).

August 12, 2010- Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman became the new FCW Tag Team Champions.  They defeated Hunico and Epico & Donny Marlow and Brodus Clay during a triple threat match.

September 1, 2009- Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released their Top 500 list for 2010.  The FCW roster spots is listed here.  The list includes former FCW superstars.

July 30, 2010- Lucky Cannon was injured during his FCW match.  The injury required stitches.

July 3, 2010- Alex Riley was injured during tonight's TV tapings.  He cut open the back of his head requiring stiches.

June 25, 2010- Alberto Banderas/Dos Caras made his Smackdown debut tonight as Alberto Del Rio.  He has been in vingrettes announcing his debut for Smackdown.  He has been doing dark matches for several weeks for Raw and Smackdown.

June 23, 2010- WWE has released WWE/FCW announcer Savannah (Angela Fong).

June 10, 2010- Drake Brewer was injured during tonight's TV tapings.

June 8, 2010- Jamie Keyes made her WWE debut on WWE NXT as an announcer.

June 3, 2010- Hunico & Epico (Tito Colon) defeated Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso to become the new FCW Tag Team champions.

May 25, 2010- Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, & Tamina made their WWE debut on Raw.

May 8, 2010- Rosa Mendes has been made exclusive to Smackdown and referee Aaron "Goose" Mahoney has been made exclusive to WWE

April 8, 2010- Courtney Taylor (Beverly Mullins) was released from FCW/WWE.

March 18, 2010- Alex Riley defeated Justin Gabriel to become the new FCW Heavyweight champion.

March 13, 2010- Jimmy Uso & Jules Uso defeated Joe Hennig & Brett DiBiase to become the new FCW Tag Team Champions.

March 4, 2010- Steve Keirn confirmed that Jillian Beyor was released from her contract.

February 25, 2010- FCW/WWE released Penny Cash (Jenny Quinn).

February 4, 2010- AJ Lee defeated Serena Mancini to become the new Queen of FCW.

January 22, 2010- Serena Mancini made her WWE debut on Friday Night Smackdown to be "saved" by C.M. Punk.  She is now part of the "Straight Edge Society".

January 17, 2010- WWE has released Smackdown/FCW superstar Eric Escobar (Eric Perez).

January 14, 2009- Joe Hennig and Brett DiBiase became the new FCW Tag Team Champions by defeating Trent Barreta, Caylen Croft, and Curt Hawkins.

January 11, 2010- FCW referee Rod Zapata made his WWE debut on Monday Night Raw.

January 9, 2010- FCW/WWE has released Gabriel (Steve Lewington), Black Pain/Sweet Papi Sanchez (Jose Torres), Leroy Morgan (Max McGuirk), Dino Carter (Rashard Goff), Lennox McEnroe (Bryon Wilcott), and Lift Sawyer (Aaron Reed).

December 24, 2009- Dylan Klein (John Riggs) gave FCW/WWE his notice.

November 11, 2009- Christoph Herzog (Chris Bambi Killer Raaber) gave FCW/WWE his notice.

October 27, 2009- Bryon Saxton made his ECW debut as a commentator.

October 2, 2009- Eric Escobar made his Smackdown debut with Vickie Guerreo.

October 1, 2009-Pro Wrestling Illustrated named their 50 top females.  Natalya ranked 25, Mia Mancini ranked 40, and Rosa Mendes ranked 50.

September 15, 2009- WWE/FCW has also released Espiral (Sicodelico Jr.)

September 14, 2009- WWE/FCW has release Kris Logan (Brian Cage), Fletcher Chase (Jason Garrison), Troy Jackman (Ian Richardson), and Aiden Frost (Jason Riggs).

September 8, 2009- Angela made her ECW debut under the new name Savannah.

September 1, 2009- Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released their Top 500 list for 2009.  The FCW roster spots is listed here.

August 28, 2009- Drew McIntyre made his debut on Friday Night Smackdown.

August 18, 2009- Beverly made her ECW debut under the new name Courtney Taylor.

August 10, 2009- WWE has released Vic Adams.

August 8, 2009- WWE has released Smackdown/FCW superstar Ricky Ortiz.

July 20, 2009- WWE/FCW has released Count Franklin Furter (Gustav Curian).

June 30, 2009- Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu, Abraham Washington, and Tyler Reks made their ECW debut tonight.

June 10, 2009- FCW/WWE has also released Joesph Canterbury/Agent J (Matt Walsh).

June 6, 2009- FCW/WWE has also released Kafu (Victor Ceron).

June 5, 2009- FCW/WWE has released Maverick Darsow (Barry Allen), Lupe Santiago, and Jon Cutler.  Additional FCW superstars might have also been released.