September 27, 2012

Location: FCW/NXT Arena- Tampa, FL

Garrett Dylan defeated Aiden English

Erick Rowan defeated Adam Mercer

Summer Rae & Audrey Marie defeated Paige & Emma

James Bronson defeated Oliver Grey

Big E Langston, Leo Kruger, & Kassius Ohno defeated Bo Dallas, Jake Carter, & Jason Jordan

Xavier Woods & Mike Dalton "Hollywood Express" defeated Chad Baxter & Chase Donovan "The Blasters" (with Nick Rogers)

Seth Rollins defeated CJ Parker

Two Ring Battle Royale
    All competitors will start in ring 1.  When they are eliminated, they will enter into ring 2.  When they are eliminated from ring 2, they are out of the match.  At the end, any remaining competitors from ring 1 will face ring 2.

Roman Reigns eliminated Conor O'Brian & Kenneth Cameron "The Ascension" to be declared the winner.