Season 5 Redemption

Order of Elimination

WWE NXT Rookie Final WWE Pro Win-Loss Record Eliminated
#2 Byron Saxton Yoshi Tatsu 2-8 May 31, 2011
#4 Conor O'Brian Vladmir Kozlov 6-6  
  Darren Young Chavo Guerreo 18-21  
#1 Jacob Novak JTG 2-5 May 17, 2011
#3 Lucky Cannon Tyson Kidd 6-6 June 14, 2011
  Titus O'Neil Hornswoggle 25-18  
  Derrick Bateman Daniel Bryan 12-14  


A new introduction aired on January 12, 2012 which featured all the talent of WWE NXT.

Darren Young was suspended for violating WWE'S Wellness Policy on October 5, 2011.  He returned on November 16, 2011.

Lucky Cannon was released from his FCW/WWE contract in August 2011.

Jacob Novak was released from his FCW/WWE contract in June 2011.

Chavo Guerrero was granted his release from his WWE contract on June 25, 2011 therefore, Darren Young is without a pro.

Derrick Bateman was added to NXT: Redemption on June 28, 2011.