Melbourne, Australia
 Emma Lock

Birthday: March 1

Real Name: Tenille Dashwood

A Diva who dances like no one’s watching and can pack a mean punch, Emma boasts a wacky attitude and quirky confidence that would make even the boldest men raise an eyebrow. The femme fatale is known for punctuating her victories with a unique dance that has left the WWE Universe befuddled. But Emma insists its significance is simple: “It’s my victory dance,” she says. “It reminds me to celebrate the fact that I am, indeed, a winner.”

The NXT Diva was first spotted among the WWE Universe on the Jan. 13 edition of Raw, proudly holding up signs displaying her trademark #EMMAisms in the weeks that followed. On the Feb. 3 edition of Raw, the sign-toting Diva was called into the ring by Santino Marella to take his place in a dance-off against Summer Rae. Emma made the most of her first appearance inside a WWE ring by boogieing her way to victory over Fandango’s sultry dance partner and putting on a truly #EMMAtaining performance.

Emma has shown she is capable of delivering much more than just sweet dance moves. The spirited Diva has showcased an impressive array of in-ring maneuvers that include the Dil-Emma, Emmamite Sandwich and trademark Emma Lock. Emma’s displays of aggression and in-ring prowess impressed Santino so much that he nearly locked lips with The Dancing Queen.

On the Feb. 24 edition of Raw, Emma defeated Summer Rae in her first WWE match, forcing Fandango’s dance partner tap to the Emma Lock. Since her debut, the Australian Diva has successfully employed the #EMMAmazing submission maneuver on numerous occasions. Despite an impressive showing at WrestleMania 30, Emma was unable to walk out of the Vickie Guerrero Divas Invitational victorious.

Outside of the squared circle, Emma and Santino have taken their relationship to the next level, sharing multiple private meals together. Unfortunately, bouts of clumsiness have led to often comical and abrupt conclusions to their close encounters. Although Emma’s awkward interactions with Santino have raised questions about her relationship with The Italian Stallion, there is no questioning this Diva’s in-ring skills.

During a Monday night match against Layla, the dancing Diva debuted her very own venomous version of The Cobra, striking down Fandango’s dance partner with #VenEMMA.

While it remains to be seen what the future holds for Emma, one thing’s for sure: The #EMMAlution has begun.