Dean Ambrose

Name: Dean Ambrose
Real Name: Jonathan Good
From: Cincinnati, OH
Birthday: December 7
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 lbs. 
Signature Move: Midnight Special
November 18, 2012



From the moment Dean Ambrose marched onto the scene to the beat of his own drum, the NXT Universe hasn't been able to take its eyes off of him. Fearless, wild and always unpredictable, Ambrose has more than lived up to his reputation as a world-class competitor and infamous trouble-maker. Upon Dean's debut, he immediately challenged Seth Rollins to a match for the FCW 15 championship. Ambrose and Rollins then embarked on an intense rivalry, culminating in arguably the greatest match in FCW history: A spectacular 30- minute Ironman match that ended in overtime.

Ambrose's next move was to blindside William Regal with an unprovoked attack. When asked why, Dean's reasoning was simple: ďJust to see what would happen, I get bored. When there's a hornet's nest buzzing, Iíve got to poke it. I like violence, I like danger, I live life to feel alive." Regal and Ambrose would meet in the ring in a vicious and brutal fight. Ambrose absorbed an incredible amount of punishment, wrestling much of the match with a dislocated shoulder. Regal came out on top, but Ambrose pulled himself up and smiled, asking for more. The scene was typical Dean Ambrose, disturbing and awe- inspiring. Since that time, the two men have engaged in psychological warfare, playing a game of mental one-upmanship that ultimately led to a wild melee of a match on the last episode of NXT TV that saw Ambrose target the ear and equilibrium of his rival and a stoppage of the chaotic match.

In October of last year, Ambrose created quite a stir when WWE superstar and multiple time WWE champion CM Punk appeared at NXT for an autograph signing. Ambrose decided to verbally assault Punk on the microphone, resulting in a raucous and unforgettable scene when Punk came to the ring to confront Ambrose. Dean Ambrose vs. CM Punk was billed as the main event of the evening. This match was truly something special and after 30 minutes of incredible action, the "Best in the World". A physically-spent CM Punk told the fans to remember that "the first Dean Ambrose is in the back."

Dean Ambrose appears focused and has caused even more trouble in 2012. When asked what we can expect in Dean Ambrose's future he simply replied, ďIím taking over the universe."